Poster: Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

As part of the Library lessons I’m going to run in September, I am asking students to complete some tasks in order to earn a reading star badge at the end of the year. I started with about 19 tasks (they don’t need to do all of them!) but as I had some time this summer I thought I’d try them all out. I was pleasantly surprised that most of them were actually fun to do, but some just did not work so got the chop! Current task count is 15.

As I have been looking at alternatives to writing regular book reviews, I had an idea of a mood board to represent the story. However, I imagine the students at the boys school where I work will think I’m bonkers if I ask them to do this! So the mood board progressed to a poster, and this is the result.

It was easy as pie and it really made me think about the setting and characters, what they looked like and the whole feel of the book.

As with most of my other creative stuff I used the brilliant (and free!)

Wolf Hollow (2).png